Talking To Myself – Kyp Harness – “A Toronto version of a Lucinda Williams or a Nick Cave…he’s a stone genius.” – CBC

“Sweet Release” new Kyp Harness song and video



Kyp Harness shares video for “Sweet Release” from self-titled album out Oct. 19!

One of Canada’s truly under-appreciated singer/songwriters Kyp Harness returns on Oct. 19 with his fourteenth album, simply entitled Kyp Harness, a collection of nine timely observations of our fraying society, rendered with all the wit, wisdom and just the right amount of folk-rocking flair that Kyp’s die-hard fans have come to expect. The album’s crackling energy is the result of the tracks being laid down during a single all-day session at Toronto’s Revolution Recording, with Joao Carvalho capturing the chemistry generated by Kyp, the renowned pianist Tania Gill, bassist Mike Smith and drummer Sean Lancaric.

We’re proud to offer an early taste with the Southern Souls video for “Sweet Release,” one of the album’s standout tracks. He officially launches the album, along with his new novel The Abandoned (Nightwood Editions) on Saturday, Oct. 27 at Toronto’s Tranzac Club.

If you aren’t familiar with Kyp Harness, then you’ve been missing one of the most important bodies of work any Canadian singer-songwriter has amassed over the past 25 years. With each new release, media outlets have hailed him as a genius, and his songs have been covered by Ron Sexsmith, Daniel Lanois and Mary Margaret O’Hara, among others. Sexsmith has called Kyp, “my favourite songwriter. It’s his lyrics that set him apart. They are every bit as powerful as the best Dylan, Cohen and Lennon combined.”


The range of his songwriting chops is fully displayed on standout tracks such as “Talking To Myself,” “Angel Mine” and “Insomniac Lullaby,” but it’s on “Hard Life,” “The Sea Monster” and “Jungle Out There” that Kyp unflinchingly illuminates the dysfunction at the heart of our society.

It’s hard to discount the weight of experience on Kyp’s current work, but his worldview hasn’t changed much since he released his debut album in 1991. However, the goal of every true artist is to boil their creativity down to its essence, so it’s hardly a surprise that at this point in his evolution Kyp Harness has chosen to present his new album simply under his own name—one that deserves to be spoken with the same reverence as Canada’s other great songwriters.


“All I Need” by Kyp Harness






Well they came and shut me down

On a bright and sunny day

I was tryin’ to walk a tightrope

They took the tightrope away


So I turned up my collar and I turned to the East

And shook that dust right off my shoes

Funny when you take everything away from someone

They start actin’ like they got nothin’ to lose


All I need is your love

All I need is your love

All I need is your love

To get through


Never been in with the in crowd

Never knew what the special code was for

I never got the secret handshake

Never got in on the ground floor


All I need is your love

All I need is your love

All I need is your love

To know what for


Ain’t goin’ back down to the village

Ain’t nothin’ left there worth pursuin’

And anything that has to be done by today

Well, to me just ain’t worth doin’


Swarms of sparrows in the sunset

Swoopin’ and flyin’ through the sky

I could walk from here to forever

And never match what’s right before my eyes


All I need is your love

All I need is your love

All I need is your love

To get by



© 2016 by Kyp Harness

Review of “River – Songs from the poetry of Allison Grayhurst”

Published in “Treehouse Arts” and “Natasha Ganes’s blog”, January 13, 2018


River – Songs from the poetry of Allison Grayhurst


River – Songs from the Poetry of Allison Grayhurst featured in Synchronized Chaos- December’s Issue

River – Songs from the poetry of Allison Grayhurst


Link to the song:

Link to the poem:



Link to the song:

Link to the poem:



Link to the song:

Link to the poem:



“River – Songs from the poetry of Allison Grayhurst” CD release – by Diane Barbarash


When Diane first approached me about this project, my initial response was surprise and trepidation, along with excitement. After hearing how Diane combined her musical gifts with my poems to create separate identities – songs – I was blown away. I never imagined such a thing possible, and I can’t imagine that anyone but Diane could have tuned in so well to my poems, creating songs from my poems that I would be happy with. Her instinctual genius, both musically and vocally, astounds me and resonates in complete harmony with my poetry. She has honoured my work every step of the way, and I am in awe of Diane’s talent and brilliance. I am so proud and thrilled about this album, and can’t wait to share it with all of you.

Love, Allison



You can hear the songs and buy the album on


“These songs were written from the poetry of award winning Canadian poet Allison Grayhurst. She is truly one of a kind, as every word, every breath and phrase captures the heart and moves you somewhere deep and unexpected.  It has truly been an honor to compose to her beautiful poetry. The album comes with a beautiful PDF booklet that shows the original poems in their entirety. I hope you enjoy listening to River,” Diane Barbarash.



Booklet that comes with the CD (including the downloaded version):


Song “Fields of Plenty”

Kyp Harness song Fields of Plenty from the album

The Miracle Business (2004)

Recently covered below by Ron Sexsmith:



Fields of plenty
are right outside your door
Just when you think there is no more
when you’re down to your last penny

Fields of plenty
can be seen in the eyes
Of the ones who cause the sun to rise
Gazin’ on the world so old, knowin’ they behold
the fields of plenty

Fields of plenty
may seem beyond your touch
But you can reach them even with your crutch
if you start out late or early

Fields of plenty
they ain’t no ordinary field
You just step forward and you’re healed
In a blaze of light, day or night
in fields of plenty

Honey don’t wait up for me tonight
I’m goin’ down, I’m goin’ down
I’m goin’ down

To the fields of plenty
just on the other side of that wall
Where so many strive to have it all
and others don’t have any

Fields of plenty
brighter than the lights that shine on high
Appearin’ in the twinkling of an eye
On yonder hill, we’re dreamin’ still
of fields of plenty

On yonder hill, we’re headin’ still
for fields of plenty

© 2003 PorterBeach Records⁄Kyp Harness