Earthworm Melody – By Kyp Harness



I know you been puttin’ out fires, I know you been detained
For each one you get extinguished another one goes up in flames
I know that there’s no time to ponder what has been
Each moment that is lost does not return again
As we’re concentrating oh so hard on tryin’ to get somewhere
I got a lot of love to give you before we make it there

Even if the cards weren’t marked, even if they hadn’t been stacked
The dealer’d still be dealin’ from the bottom of the deck
It’s no secret that the law around here is upheld by a bunch of goons
If they can’t bully you into silence they try to drive you looney tunes
There’s a list as long your arm waiting to be transferred
I got a lot of love to give you before you get the word

I know the tremor of these times about cut you off the knees
In this round robin of disaster, deception and disease
There’s always that much more than you can handle at any given time
Always the soulless beep of a cell phone,
never freedom’s golden chime
When the trail leads not to the sunset but to a musty old broom closet
I got a lot of love to give you to help you get right back on top of it

As we’re standing here so mystified
Tryin’ to see the amusing side
Of keepin’ our heads above the rising tide

It’s possible to become quite drunk on all these big ideas
But what’s the point of walking on water
if you don’t know where the sea is?
Sometimes all these shortcuts they will only let you down
And eat up more of your life than taking the long way around
Tryin’ to save yourself a few pennies can cost you a fortune later on
I got a lot of love to give you when these substitutes are gone

As we’re hangin’ here so crucified
Tryin’ to see the amusing side
Of keepin’ our heads, keepin’ our heads above the rising tide

I can feel the pulsing rhythm of the river of your blood
Even when I’m blank as snow and all I’m up to is no good
I’m trying to become a useful member of society
I’m awaiting further instructions in perpetuity
As I’m standin’ in the vestibule where no one dares to even cough
I got a lot of love to give you before they carry me off

You know that they can find you even on some foreign shore
You know they’re gonna get you but what will they get you for?
You’ve always been a believer in what no one else believes
Mercy in the slaughterhouse, honour among thieves
Never been subject to the law of diminishing returns
I got a lot of love to give you, let’s hope you never learn

I don’t care what school you went to, I don’t care what you been told
By any preacher in a pulpit embossed with stolen gold
By any salesman, politician, TV spokesperson bore
I know the system’s workin’ and I know who it’s workin’ for
As the columns of power disappear into the unassuming air
I got a lot of love to give you as we move from here to there



from Red Rover, released December 20, 2020

Copyright © 2020 by Kyp Harness, all rights reserved
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