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“We’ve recently received the work of Toronto poet Allison

Grayhurst, a collection of vivid imagery and gripping

enjambment that puts the reader in a spiralling world

of despair. By using language to express the human 

conflicts of inner turmoil and the way in which our past

burdens interact with the subconscious, the self and

the world around us, Grayhurst sculpts poems that are

revealing and confessional, as well as technically adept

in their formatting and diction,” 

David Eatock, The Continuist.

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Thieves Of Muse 



I hope my star does not


shift from Earth and sight,


into galaxies unbridled by


God. And that my vision has


hair and pulse, enough


to reach the primal light, grow


a new strength with each


passing defeat.



In hours of climbing the worn pillars of love, as death

forces on through sleep, futility & tears, and climbing,

climbing to no avail, to see no sun, feel only the cold 

shattering of heartbreak and the mind undoing . . .



Copyright © 1997 by Allison Grayhurst




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