Review of book “Ways of Mercy” in Pegasus Literary

“Allison Grayhurst gives us beautiful thoughtful imagery that is divine, devoted, full of passion and sometimes some darker themes.  Her lines such as ‘All the while the / stars melted’ will enrapture poetry readers.  Her lines and verses present a strong voice.  Some poems are philosophical, some are pastoral, but all are cleverly written. This collection seems to affect an introspection asking readers to consider their own humanity. The book is presented in two sections that compliment each other well.  ‘The Earth becomes a song,’ another line from the book declares the author’s talent, value over everything else for poetry,” LB Sedlacek, Pegasus Literary.



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Book 32: Ways of Mercy, 2021, Edge Unlimited Publishing



Four book reviews by Ann Johnson-Murphree

Review of ‘The Longing To Be’:


“What can I say about Allison Grayhurst and her creativity that has not already been said…she is a prolific poet. Her poetry has touched my heart and soul,” Ann Johnson-Murphree, poet and author.


The Longing to Be Review


Review of ‘Pushing Through the Jelly Fire’:


“Another Grayhurst masterpiece, Allison’s work has inspired me to continue creating and reading poetry,” Ann Johnson-Murphree, poet.

pushing through the jelly fire review 2


Review of ‘The Many Lights of Eden’:


“I have been slow at responding to reviews for Allison Grayhurst due to summer’s busy days, however she brings life to each poem, heart to the images and everyone should have a collection of Grayhurst Poetry,” Ann Johnson-Murphree, poet.

The Many Lights of Eden review


Review of ‘For Every Rain’:

For Every Rain Cover 5

“Great collection, once again outstanding creativity,” Ann Johnson-Murphree, poet.

For Every Rain review


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