Matchstick, Acorn Hill


Matchstick, acorn hill


Some altered landscapes go unnoticed,

hidden by mature growth,

lush angular anomalies,

and streets continue on

as though limping was not a hindrance

only an eccentricity – limping slow

as our sun’s heat is slow to reach the exoplanets

or slow as destined love can be before it is

fully embraced.


Self-definitions needing

to be re-defined and illusions

of future bliss needing

to be released for more authentic possibilities.

Years of pebble-hopping, fresh denials

embodied into lifestyles.

The spot is marked. Grass stained,

unwashable, obvious to everyone,


but you are on the rafters, singing

to a made-up ghost, you are whistling

the tune you learned as a child,

whistling without variation,

plodding the automatic path

you were told would to lead to joy,

to a mandatory means of fulfillment,


instead of seeing and serving the deformity,

blessing its merging waters with your own,

becoming stronger still, blooming as it grows,

methodically eliminating your most coveted




Copyright © 2014 by Allison Grayhurst

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No Raft - No Ocean



Published in “Tiny Moments, anthology, Pringmill Media Corp.” March 2016

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Tiny Moments (1)



Published in “Nothing.No One.Nowhere, Volume 2, Number 1” September 2015NNN6Nothing.

NNN1 NNN2 NNN3 Nothing. No One. Nowhere




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“Her (Allison Grayhurst’s) poetry appears visceral, not for the faint of heart, and moves forward with a dynamism, with a frenetic pulse. If you seek the truth, the physical blood and bones, then, by all means, open the world into which we were all born,” Anne Burke, poet, regional representative for Alberta on the League of Canadian Poets’ Council, and chair of the Feminist Caucus.

“What a treasure Allison Grayhurst is. Her gift? To unfold for us life at this intensity of feeling and revelation. Who knew truth and beauty could be so intertwined and so passionate?,” Taylor Jane Green BA, RIHR, CH, Registered Holistic Talk Therapist, and author of Swan Wheeler: A North American Mythology, Swan – A Planetary Mythology, and The Rise of Eros, 2014.



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