Die Together


Die Together


I close the distance.

I know this love like I know

bird voices, the safety-net of death.

Reach, go deep into the skin,

in aggressive desire, categorizing each intonation,

a sculptor’s scheme. I will make you a mountain,

a colossal height, forming.

I will undertake a breathing soliloquy, a measured

chemistry for you.

Moon making, matching forces, destructive impact,

then hot surrender – neon blast infusion.

Flesh and favoritism

blooming tight in the right spot, tight in the pulsing glory –

no sin, no signed paper,

no plywood to haul or candy.

Lava moulding, speak only of this experience, only

close the distance and reap.


Copyright © 2017 by Allison Grayhurst




First published in “GloMag” February 2017





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