Into the Fire


Into the Fire



My egg

sticks to my womb

wanting something

like a thunderbolt


My love

makes havoc in my breast

like a sinister struggle.

I am expecting him

his lost satisfaction

stretched out to annihilate my own


I am expecting him like

a flickering tongue, a goodnight kiss

in the twisted cry of his need,

folding up inside of me


a terrible after effect


My love hovers in a madman’s purgatory,

where eternity gets stuck in a single moment,

no claimed victory, no wingspread

to express his freedom


I continue in silence

expecting him…


I will never sleep again.



Copyright © 1989 by Allison Grayhurst



Before the Dawn was published  in 1989 by The Plowman, written by Allison Grayhurst under the pseudonym of Jocelyn Kain.

Before the Dawnimg159



Published in “Medusa’s Kitchen” May 2018



First published in “The Plowman: A Journal of International Poetry” 1989



You can listen to this poem by clicking below:



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