What links

and where?


Was I always flushing with need

there are your feet

with a terrible tenderness

or tenderness unborn?


I have watched you walk

certain you will never run,

mystified by your suffering.

Was there ever a miracle great enough to touch you?


The world is madness, unsafe,

and you are captive to that tragedy

trying for an impossible life


I have imagined brighter days

I have imagined to be eternally in love

enslaved by nothing

delivered from everything


I have imagined a life unabstract.


More than flesh,

but never more.



Copyright © 1989 by Allison Grayhurst



Before the Dawn was published  in 1989 by The Plowman, written by Allison Grayhurst under the pseudonym of Jocelyn Kain.

Before the Dawnimg159



Published in “Medusa’s Kitchen” May 2018



First published in “The Plowman: A Journal of International Poetry” 1989



You can listen to this poem by clicking below:


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