Pythagoras-Ovid Royalty

Pythagoras-Ovid Royalty



Unwed from heritage,

for the tie of tradition is darkness,

and the price in the folly of lineage,

is a line to cross, to be born into

but never earned.


Sink or swim in your history,

families are special

like all families are special, like

all cultures are beauty mingled with cruelty –

things that hardened into meaningless rock

and things that are allowed to move

and keep their lifeforce.


Be born like a new babe,

eyes set on only mother-father God,

don’t carry the price and the agony of your blood

that is only blood, not spiritual, and only mighty in illusion

by you ordaining it so.

Belong nowhere and hold that freedom

that is hard to own and is immediate

as a mountain is

or a rainstorm.


Race with the wind, lighten the burden,

bathe in a burst of ever-fresh glory,

toeing the line for no one – release

all wounds and accolades

of what you claim as your own

but where and who you’ve never been –


If past lives are real, then belong to every

race, every culture, every species.


Once we were all fish, so

stop fishing.




Copyright © 2020 by Allison Grayhurst



First published in “Rasa Literary Review, Issue 1” October 2020




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